Level II: Compliance

Greetings Level I Member!

As an association, we thank you for your commitment to the PMA’s Regulatory Compliance Self-Certification program by your compliance to Level I: Commitment. We know that you can see the benefits to self-certification, and welcome you to continue your progression in the four-tiered program.

Level II: Compliance

There is no cost to this level of certification.

The following are the sections for certification at Level II:

  • Commitment of Management
  • Protection of People: Compliance with OSHA Regulations
  • Employee Monitoring: MBOCA & Isocyanates
  • Protection of the Environment: Compliance with Environmental Regulations
  • Compliance Maintenance 

Please complete the form below for Level II certification, and if you have any questions on the following sections, please contact me, Mike Kocak, 724-741-3337 or mikek@cue-inc.com.

If you are able to complete the application in time, we would like to recognize you at the upcoming Annual Meeting. Achieving this level of certification takes a bit more work and dedication, and for that, we would like to recognize you. Please let us know soon if you require any assistance or information from the PMA in order to complete your application. 

Thank you again for your continued involvement with the PMA, and your dedication to the health, safety and environment of the cast urethane industry.


Mike Kocak
PMA Environmental, Health, Safety
and Regulatory Affairs Committee Chair

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