Call for Board of Director Nominations

2022-23 Board of Directors & Committees
Call for Nominations - Due March 21, 2022

Open Board Positions
  • President
  • Vice President
  • Treasurer
  • Director on the Board (from Canada)

Note: Officers are elected annually from among Directors on the Board

Open Committee Co-Chair Positions
  • EHS
  • Advocacy (Subcommittee of EHS)
  • Member Services
  • Membership Growth
  • Annual Meeting
Open Committee Member Positions Available for Appointment
  • EHS-Regulatory Committee
  • Member Services
  • Membership Growth
  • Technical Committee
Continuing Directors (terms ending 2023)
  • Gilbert Ellerbe, Stepan Company - Current President
  • Scott Archibald, Coim USA, Inc.
  • Jacob Bunting, Michelin North America
  • Andy Clock, ADC Solutions
  • Shaun Gosselin, Gallagher Corporation
Current Directors & Committee Chair Positions with terms expiring (terms ending 2022)
  • Lance Allen, Dicar, Inc. - Current President
  • Paul Waite, Era Polymers - Current Vice President
  • Paul Salamon, LANXESS - Current Treasurer
  • Kris Fraser, Redwood Rubber & Plastics - Current Canadian Director
  • Chris Goeloe, Anderson Development Company - EHS Co-Chair
  • Steve Seneker, Associate Member - Advocacy Subcommittee Co-Chair
  • Dan Culbertson, Omni Technologies - Advocacy Subcommittee Co-Chair
  • Kevin Fernandes, Coim USA, Inc - Membership Growth Co-Chair
  • Alex Papamanuel, Era Polymers - Member Growth Co-Chair
  • Aaron Miller - Annual Meeting Co-Chair

From the names submitted through this Call for Nominations, and the names of the current PMA volunteers willing to serve an additional term, the Nominating Committee will create two slates of candidates for election by the membership to take place at the 2022 PMA Annual Meeting in Austin, Texas:

  1. Approve the Slate of Directors (9 individuals)
  2. Approve the Slate of Officers and Immediate Past President (4 individuals)

If you would like to nominate yourself or another member to serve on the PMA Board of Directors or a Committee, please submit your nomination by filling out the form below.

Should you have any questions, please contact the PMA office at 414-431-3094 or