Strategic Plan

PMA Strategic Planning Session

On February 27, 2019, the Board and Committees of the Polyurethane Manufacturers Association (PMA) held a one-day strategic planning session in Chicago, IL. The primary purpose of the meeting was to set priorities for the Association going forward.

Association Priorities

1. Safe Handling

Increase industry participation rate in chemical safe handling programs. Continue the focus on safe use and develop more materials on safe use.

2. Grow

Membership growth and increased participation through improved retention, reactivation of past members, and recruiting of new members. An emphasis on significantly increasing the number of processors who are members and increasing their participation.

3. Provide

Ensure that our conferences, events, and publications are helping our members effectively address the issues that are of greatest concern to them. Also ensure that our members are kept up to date with the latest innovations in the industry and related to the industry.

4. Educate

Develop more training programs and programs for a wider audience. Consider regional in- person events on wide range of topics. Connect with and be relevant to a broader slice of members' employees - younger employees and those from specific disciplines (EHS, quality, operations, IT, etc.) Develop additional training programs that our members can use to get their new hires up to speed, safe, and productive as quickly as possible.

5. Optimize

Web and Social Media Strategy. We need to be more effective in our use of our website, social media, and electronic communications in communicating with members, potential members, and other stakeholders.

6. Regulations

Continue to keep members informed of pending regulatory changes and influence those changes to benefit the industry.