Emission and Extraction Study

Emission and Extraction Study

The PMA has commissioned EHS Analytics to perform emissions and extraction testing of the following potential residual compounds in hot cast/heat cured polyurethane elastomers: TDI, TDA, MDI, MDA and MOCA. TDA (toluene diamine) and MDA (methylene diphenyl diamine) are included in this study because they are the hydrolysis by products of TDI and MDI, respectively.

This project commenced in October 2020 and is projected to be completed about May 2021.

Detailed Summary of the Study

PMA Emission and Extraction Study Funding Request

Thank you to those that have pledged their support to the PMA Emission and Extraction Study!

  • Anderson Development Co
  • Azelis Americas
  • BASF Corp
  • Cent Roll Products Inc
  • Chemi-Flex - pledged
  • Coim USA Inc
  • Dynasauer Corp
  • Era Polymers Corporation LLC - pledged
  • Evonik Corporation- pledged
  • Gantrade Corp
  • Globe Composite Solutions
  • Kastalon Inc
  • LANXESS - pledged
  • Omni Technologies Inc- pledged
  • Polyurethane Products Corp
  • Prothane
  • PSI Urethanes Inc- pledged
  • Stellana US
  • Superior Tire & Rubber Corp
  • Vail Rubber Works