Polyurethane 101 Case Studies

All members are encouraged to submit current, relevant case studies to publish for public review. Case Studies should be unique situations where a solution was found utilizing cast urethane materials or processes.

Submission format:
Single page in Microsoft Word, supportive images in .jpg format may also be sent to info@pmahome.org with the words "Case Study" in the title.

  1. Statement of summary/conclusion/results
  2. Advantages/benefits of cast urethane specific to the situation
  3. Background/description of situation/issue
  4. Process in evaluation of utilizing cast urethane as the solution

Polyurethane belt cleaner showed no deterioration after 250,000 splice impacts.

Specially designed polyurethane scrapers are providing cost-effective performance in industrial conveyor belt systems processing phosphates, coke, and sulfur and in underground mining. The scrapers are used to remove excess material clinging to the belt at the return pulley.

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Polyurethane chain drives outperform a gear drive, V-belts, and conventional roller chains.

An expensive gear transmission in an oil field hydraulic pumping system was replaced with a simplified gear drive using a polyurethane chain. The conversion resulted in lower costs for over-all operation and repairs.

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Urethane replaces Neoprene/nitrile rubber in pipeline pig. Improves cost/performance.

A manufacturer of pipeline pigs, who replaced rubber scraper cups with polyurethane, noted that the new cups were tougher in field use and improved cost/performance over ten times, depending on the pipeline and throughput conditions.

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Tire manufacturer replaces steel mill roll with polyurethane-coated roll and gained three-fold improvement in cost efficiency.

A tire manufacturer reported that, following two years of operations, the polyurethane-covered mill roll had retained its original thickness and was still demonstrating excellent resistance to wear and abrasion.

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Polyurethane coated scoring anvil for corrugated container production linesĀ­an industry standard.

Because of its resiliency and resistance to surface abrasion under repeated use, polyurethane has, for the last 20 years, been the preferred material for scoring anvil surfaces.

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Heavy-duty polyurethane parts replace metal pipe in oil field drilling mud de-silter for longer life and reduced unit costs.

Oil field drilling mud recycling systems are a tough environment for parts. Because they are resistant to abrasion and corrosion from chemicals and will not rust, polyurethane parts have demonstrated superior performance in the demanding oil production operations.

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Easily and economically castable in small production runs, polyurethane replaces thermoplastic at one-fifth the cost.

Polyurethane was used to mold a virtually indestructable video arcade gun stock. Unlike the original imported thermoplastic units, which broke with rough handling, the polyurethane stocks offered high impact resistance.

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